The term “tons of tons”, a term put forward by the French leading fashion, has become the trend of the last years. In fashion programs, magazines and fashion shows – tons of tons – is to use similar shades of a color in the same combination.

Of course, it is not just a concept reflected in our clothes – tons of tons. This new trend that has started to shape decoration today; It attracts a lot of attention with its spaciousness, calmness and stylish appearance created in the home environment. In order to be tons of tons, the colors you use must be in the same color card. In other words, it means using a primary color with light and dark shades.

In the images below, you can see the reflections of the “tons-of-tons” application on the houses.

It is the most preferred brown and shades in home decoration over the years. Especially in the decoration of the living room or living room, the harmony with brown parquets is first started by painting the walls with beige, the undertone of brown. The decoration is completed by selecting curtains and carpets in lighter tones or intermediate tones than the wall color.


Of course, the blue color that gives the ocean breeze to all of us takes its best place in the preferred tone-by-tone decoration application. If we apply the blue on the wall, we use the floor in lighter shades of blue. Thus, harmony and calm are provided in the environment.



The trend color green of recent years also appears as a method of moving nature in an apartment. Cacti used for decorative, large ornamental plants and succulents make people comfortable. In addition, the rooms painted in shades of green, preferred armchairs, carpets and paintings are a beautiful decoration.