We find it difficult to find storage areas with shrinking square meters in houses. We don’t know what and where we put it. We confuse about how we do and how we do it. We take boxes to keep our belongings tidy. But we don’t even have a place to put the boxes we bought.

In kitchen cabinets, pots and lids intertwine. Before we cook, we spend time finding the appropriate lid for our pot, because they are all stacked in the same place. The situation in the bathroom is no different. We find it difficult to find a place to put our cleaning materials and towels in the bathrooms built as the smallest area of the house.

In this article, I wanted to touch on the issue of storage ideas in small bathrooms that everyone complained about but could not get out of the way. The ideas I have explained in the images below, I hope it all sounds like medicine to you.


  • The large top of the sinks is thought to narrow the usage area in the bathroom. But like the visual on the side, the shelves with partitions starting from the end of the large part of the sink offer you a new storage area.


  • Generally, the places where the toilet is located are also considered as dead, unusable areas. But the image on the side gives us a storage space that we can actively use. Wrought iron designed in this way on the toilet bowl creates an area in the bathroom where we can put our towels, soaps, creams and toilet papers.



  • It’s a good idea to make use of the small areas above the door.


  • The overflowing laundry baskets, perhaps, cause the worst appearance in the bathrooms. The image on the side contains a laundry basket that takes up little space in a small bathroom, especially for families with children, and also provides a neat appearance.