It’s Time to Get Your Old Lace Out of the Chest

Our hand-crafted unique lace. Not so many years ago, lace was one of the indispensable parts of home decoration consisting of various motifs all over the house. They were not something that could be purchased with money. People valued manual labor.

At the same time, lace was an important part of the dowry of a girl of marriage age. When dowry was opened, it was boasted with the variety of lace. Young girls without lace would knit, wash, starch and lay the most beautiful corners of the house. Yes, it was troublesome to do or use. Lace would take care; when it started to turn yellow, it was washed delicately, starched and ironed immediately. Despite this, they were indispensable parts of decoration for many years.

Well, how did the lace, which is considered to be so precious and counted as the indispensable decoration of the house, suddenly disappeared. I think we can say that if we want to collect the main topic, it is a result of factoryization. When hand labor began to be replaced by factory products, laces were collected and put back in crates. Nobody started to want to bother with lace anymore; She knew she was taken away from the use of lace. But no one dared throw it away. They continued to hide them in a place where they would not be harmed.

Here, I was not willing to lose something that was such a delightful, cultural and so much effort. And I came up with gorgeous modern decorating ideas to remove your lace in chests. I hope it helps.



  • Lace Tables


You can put your laces on the frame and catch a modern look on your wall.




  • Lace Chandelier


You can turn your lace into decorative chandeliers.



  • Lace Candle Holders


You can turn a simple jar into wonderful candle holders with your handmade lace.