We all put the flowers from someone we love in a jar full of water and then watch them fade. The excitement at the first moment when the flowers come is diminished as they fade day by day and eventually disappear. This has become a habit for all of us. But no one can take it away from saying that they wish to stay inside like that. In this case, we decide to dry the flowers. The flowers soon lose their green and acquire a different look. We would also like to hide them with such dry looks, perhaps in a chest or between a book.

But wouldn’t it be nice if our flowers embraced with great excitement adorn the walls of our house? Maybe the flowers will dry up, but we remember the excitement of the first moment we received them, from each of our passages.


  • If you have not been able to throw your bridal bouquet, you can display it on your wall in a nice frame using a special photo of your wedding day.

There will be a nice detail on your wall that will make you happy.

  • You can catch a nice image on your wall by combining one of the pages of a book you love and your flowers that you can not throw.

  • Or you can combine your dried flowers with notes of a favorite song in a frame.


  • If you have more than one dried flower, you can take them from the same frame pattern and hang them on your wall by making different combinations.

Thanks to such an image, a corner of your home will always remain in the spring mood.

  • You can also display your dried flowers on your walls using 3 glass jars and strings.

  • You have dried your flower but the leaves have fallen off, do not worry, you can prepare a beautiful frame for your wall.

  • White roses are always a sign of simplicity and innocence. You can display your dried white roses in a simple frame like below.


It will be a very nice view for the wall of your living room.