There is a fact that we are all aware that the change in technology for a long time has caused the most noticeable differences in our lives. These differences deeply affected our social life and family life.

As a result of the technology, distances became close. There used to be people waiting hours to call their loved ones. Or those who are looking forward to reaching their loved ones again. Being inaccessible had an appeal and value. Then, mobile phones entered everyone’s lives as the first technological change. And this change has reduced human relationships to phone calls and messaging in social life.

In family life, tablets, which are a kind of savior of working parents, entered our lives. Yes, the tired parents started giving their hands something called a tablet to keep their kids entertained. And the child, who was already captured at home as a field of action in the city life, where trust has decreased, this time was mentally imprisoned. And he started to become addicted to him day by day.

I think I started writing that we can find a solution to this situation. We may not be able to make it safe outside, we may not be able to afford it, but we can prepare safe moving playgrounds for our children to throw their energy into.

Take a look at the ideas below, our children do not match.

If you have a suspended ceiling or a detached house in the house, you can make an area where your children can have fun between the garden and the entrance of the house.


Nets hanging from the ceiling are perfect for children to energize and be motivated at home.

With such simple methods, you can save your children from tablet captivity.