I decided to write an article that will lead you to think a little more before throwing your old items away. Why, there are two reasons for this, the first is to prevent fast consumption, and the other is to find a solution to the search for change that comes with boredom.

Let’s talk a little bit about consumption madness. Simply put, with the effect of social media and advertisements, people are encouraged to buy something new before they get old, because it is thought that what is newer is more beautiful and developed. As such, what has not yet become obsolete in his hand falls into an unusable state. And those that are not used are getting old where they are.

Secondly, needing to change something with the tiredness of always looking at the same items, but still not being able to discard the old.

In this case, I compiled ideas that could be removed from its purpose and made more usable.


Bicycle Rim Chandelier

You can make a great chandelier off the rim without throwing your old bike.



Sink From Sewing Machine

You can turn your rust-free sewing machine, which you stopped using long ago, into a wonderful decorative sink.


Seat from the Bathtub

After seeing these images, you will think about the bathtubs you put into the trash while changing your bathroom.




Center Table From Old Crates

After using it, you can not throw away your old wooden crates that you immediately put into the pantry or put them on the edge of the garbage and make a wonderful coffee table to your home.