We are all inclined to discard our old or damaged items. In this case, the world started to turn into a pile of garbage. But how can we prevent this? There are two important points to prevent this situation; The first is to reduce consumption, the second is to dispose of our old or worn out goods and turn them into another product.

We all know that the first measure will be achieved mostly through sociological planning. But we can see the method of evaluating old items, which is the second measure to save the world from turning into a garbage heap, as a more personal and sustainable measure.

We can turn the bulbs, which are the most damaging products to the world, into decorative products for our home. You can get great design products by taking inspiration from the images below.


  • You can transform your old bulbs into a beautifully designed mini aquarium with a great bit of sand and pebble.



  • You can get a decorative product for your garden by throwing the seashells you collect on vacation into your bulbs filled with water.



  • You can turn your old bulbs into a wonderful vase with very little effort.



  • You can have a great looking decorative product if you add a little water after putting the colorful flowers you gathered from the garden into your old bulbs.



  • All you need to do is to have some pebbles, green plants and a rope to make your old bulbs great.



  • If you love shimmer, cover your bulbs with adhesive, then throw them into a glitter bowl.