Sometimes, we can get bored with our home decoration and we can search for new decorative items. In such cases, the features we look for in the items we will buy have a different appearance and usage than we usually have.

However, this recurring state of exhaustion may turn our pocket in a while; situations where our purchasing power is not sufficient and therefore we should wait for change.

In this article, I have dealt with an alternative way for those who complain about this issue. “DIY Coffee Table Ideas”, I have compiled the design coffee table ideas that can be done with their own means for those who are bored with the coffee tables that are old or existent and who want change. I hope that will be useful.

  1. You can design a great side table using your clothes hangers aside.

  1. You can turn the wire reel thrown into a corner into a great center table, as it is not usually used. After polishing beautifully, you can have a design table with the glass you will cut on the appropriate size.


  1. You can have a design stand by using the rims of your bikes that you do not use and leave to rot in the garage.

  1. When you see this idea, you will not throw your stoppers again. With the design coffee table you will make with the stoppers you accumulate, you will give your living room a decorative look.


  1. Many of us had the habit of collecting the skewer cap for a while. In the end, we were convinced that we had collected enough lids and we were either throwing them all in a corner at home or in the trash. With this do-it-yourself coffee table idea, you can turn the covers you accumulate into a great design.

  1. What happened to the encyclopedias, which are the sine qua non of the houses, once the internet research has been replaced? You can make a design side table with your encyclopedias left on the bookshelves.