Making some changes in our home is something that most of us like. Because the change takes us away from monotony. Although our activities in the house are the same, the difference of the environment gives us the feeling that we are doing something different. But the need for change brings with it a certain budget need.

In this article, I wrote both decorative and economical work table ideas that they can do for those who want to change the desk in their home. I hope it benefits.



  • You can have a decorative and economical work table with a board that you will cut on the old wine or fruit crates. Moreover, thanks to the depth of the cases, you have useful shelves for your books.

You will save space as the use of fruit crates also allows you to combine the bookcase and the work desk.

  • You can turn the classic wooden suitcases of our time, which we cannot afford to throw, into a decorative work table for your home. You need to cut wooden pieces in the sizes suitable for your suitcase and combine it with your suitcase.


  • In the past, we have kept sewing machines for a long time, which is a must for every home. Although it took up a lot of space, we couldn’t cut it and we always wanted it to be on one side. Now is the time to turn our sewing tables into work desks. Working with your memories will make you feel good.

  • You can have a great work table with a few slag concrete blocks that you can buy from the builders and a flat board that you can cut into the carpentry.

You can also use exponential slag concrete blocks as areas where you can put your accessories or books.