I think that the places where most of us spend most time at home are the areas we call the living room or living room. If we ask why, we can explain this situation for two different reasons; The first is that the living room and living room are common areas, that is, family members are some sort of meeting point. Secondly, we can explain that the goods we call television are generally located in these parts of the house.

Television is considered an indispensable part of the house for many of us. For this reason, it is put in the most beautiful corner of the house. Even the position of the seats, coffee tables and carpet in the living room or living room are placed according to the angle of the television. When this is the case, the visuality of the place where we put the television gains a special importance. In other words, what we call the TV Unit.

In this article, I have compiled the TV Unit ideas that will enable us to capture a great view in our living room, and that we can easily make on our own. I hope that will be useful.


  • Although it is very easy to make using only bricks and wood, you can have a TV unit that adds a pleasant atmosphere to our living room with its visuality.

  • You can use bricks and boards in different variations, it depends entirely on your creativity and expectations from a TV unit. As you can see in the image below, you can fix the bricks from the sides, take boxes to the empty parts in the middle and provide a drawer view. Thus, you also create storage space for yourself.

  • If you already have two equal-sized libraries at home, you can make a great TV unit from them. The image below will show you a way.

  • We buy fruit cases and have a zero-cost TV unit without even hitting an extra nail.