The choice of carpet in the home decoration becomes a detail that is not paid much attention and is left to the end, but your decoration gains a different dimension if the carpet selection is selected adequately and if the right carpet is chosen. Because the carpet in the room is actually a complement to the decoration. And it makes the rest missing look holistic. For example, the same thing applies to the carpet, which is a floor accessory, as the paintings and accessories chosen for the room decoration and used on the wall achieve a perfect harmony and decorative appearance in the room.

While the right carpet selection creates a decorative and pleasant atmosphere in your living room, the wrong carpet selection may reverse this situation. For this reason, it will be the right choice not to miss the carpet detail while decorating.

So, how should you choose the right carpet, what color carpets should be used with which kinds of furniture?



  • If you want to provide a simple look in your living room, you can choose a carpet with the same shades as your furniture and a flat or patterned carpet in your furniture.



  • If you have a hall dominated by warm colors in furniture and accessories, continuing this situation will help you achieve a good harmony in the environment.


  • If you have a moving hall, you should choose a flatter and lighter shade by avoiding the multi-patterned and dark colors that will add more movement to your carpet selection.


  • If you have used your choice of simplicity in your furniture and want to bring a movement to your living room, dark colored and patterned carpets will be the answer to your request.