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Family Kids

7 Best Movies to Watch with Family

  Dangal   It is one of the favorite movies that can be watched by middle school age children and their families. Mahavir is a wrestling father who has two children, Babita and Geeta. He raises his two daughters as wrestling fans like his self. The film is about the challenges faced by these two …

Family Kids

5 Principles for Being Good Parents

Child as an Individual   Generally, parents try to raise their children according to their own wishes. But it should be known that every person has different physical and spiritual properties. If you accept your child as an individual who has his own wishes, and if you ask for his opinion in behavior towards him, …

Family Kids

6 Best Family-Playing Brain Games

The fact that parents are working increases the importance of the idea of quality time with children. Working parents find it difficult to personally follow the mental and physical development of their children. At the same time, reduced time shared together can lead to divergence between parents and child. In order to prevent this divergence, …