If you have a small house and don’t know how to organize it, you’re in trouble. Because disorganization is one of the most tiring things. Messiness not only physically, but of course psychologically has negative effects on human. For example, not being able to find what you are looking for in the house can cause stress or tension after a while.

I think our kitchen is the area where we are most disturbed by the mess in the house. We want this area where we prepare food to always be clean. But no matter how clean the kitchen is, it does not make us happy enough if it has a messy appearance.

The absence of an area where we can gather all this mess makes us desperate about order. In this article, I have compiled storage ideas in the kitchen to help people with small houses.

I hope that will be useful.


  1. If you find it difficult to find pot-pan lids that you stack in the cupboard in the kitchen and you don’t have enough space, a shelf like the one you will make on your door will easily find your lids.



  1. You can arrange your bread boards with a simple pipe or hanger that you will make next to your kitchen cabinet.




  1. Onion and potatoes are the most essential vegetables in every house. But 2-3 crates or baskets to be placed in the kitchen drawer can be a great way to store your vegetables.



  1. You can prepare separate boxes for recycling in your kitchen.


  1. You can store your plates and pots in the same cabinet and on a regular basis. The rail wire drawers that you will make inside the cabinet will make it easier.


  1. For a regular look in the kitchen, buy jars of the same size, where you can put your dry legumes.


  1. Don’t forget to make spice while making your kitchen. A thin, three-storey rail cabinet will do the job.


  1. A great storage idea for buckets that usually stand on the kitchen counter and cause a crowded view.


  1. You can store your kitchen gloves and sink brush with the hangers that you will mount inside your cabinet.


  1. Generally, if you put the dishes you use in the dishes into your drawer, it will be a great organizer for your pot lids.


  1. You can arrange your pans that you put on top of each other and find it difficult to take when needed, with a simple wire rack to put them in your cupboard.


  1. It is very easy to organize the lids of the storage containers.


  1. A great editing space for garbage bags, aluminum foils and stretch films.


  1. If you are one of the most annoying issues, whether with the scent or the appearance of the waste bins in the kitchen, the following image is for you.



  1. From time to time, we cannot find a place to store the detergents we use in kitchen cleaning, or we have to stack them. You can solve this situation with a split organizer that you can hang behind the door.