Children in the age group begin to show what they want with their fingers and their attention and focus time is longer than last year. For children in this age group, it is very important for the mental development of children to choose the right toys and games.


Find and Build Object

It is a game where children put the shape into the correct space. The child chooses the right space according to the shape in his hand and inserts it there. Thanks to these games, children learn to establish a relationship between images and to carry out logic. At the same time, hand and finger muscles develop while children try to throw the shapes into the space they find. Such toys are an important cognitive development tool for groups of 2 years old children.


Set Toys

Set toys are one of the toy groups that are perhaps the most interesting for children. The feature of being interesting stems from its similarity to social life. Children start to adapt to social life with these toys, determine their roles with the toys they choose and develop their imagination. The game of house play for the age group of 2 is the best example of this situation.



From Part to Whole

They are toys produced for children of all ages according to different levels of difficulty. These toys, which we call jigsaw puzzles, give children brain training and develop visual perception and the ability to go from piece to piece. The features that should be considered in these toys are the large, colorful and single joints. Puzzles with multiple joints are suitable for older age groups. You should get these games in time by following your child’s cognitive development.