Children in the age group of 3 are curious and ask a lot of questions. Their ability to keep things in mind has improved and they can memorize short songs. Attention and focus abilities are more developed compared to 2 years. The games that children should play in each age group differ according to their mental development process. In this article, we have discussed games suitable for 3 age groups.

  • Matching Games

    In these games that improve the development of visual memory in children, there are usually two of the same card. The cards are scattered on the ground, all of them face down, the children turn the face of one card at a time and try to find the card’s mate. If you group cards first, it will be easier for children to learn visuals. For example, food, vehicles and shapes. You can also prepare this game, which you can easily find in many brands in the market, by printing it out on your own computer at home.

  • Blocks

    The toys that every child plays at some point in his life, known as the most known as Legos among the people. Thanks to these toys, children learn to go from piece to whole and force their productive intelligence. They try to produce a product they have created in their own dream world. In this game, the reactions of the family to the child are also important, in every work of the child, the family should congratulate him and be encouraging.

  • Balance

    Children who are considered to have just started walking gradually try to balance. Some toys make a significant contribution in order not to fall when they hit somewhere and to maintain balance. Of course, the best known is bicycles.