• Dangal


It is one of the favorite movies that can be watched by middle school age children and their families. Mahavir is a wrestling father who has two children, Babita and Geeta. He raises his two daughters as wrestling fans like his self. The film is about the challenges faced by these two girls who were wrestlers since childhood and their victories as a result.


  • 3 Idiots


The film tells about the lives of children going to the best engineering school in India. Although they all have separate problems in their personal world, they try to achieve high rankings in the same race. In the film, which also criticizes the system, each audience will see himself a little.


  • Like Stars on Earth


Ishaan has difficulty learning letters and numbers who is eight years old. Before her parents investigate the reason for this situation, they think that İshaan did this deliberately and then they send him to the boarding school. İshaan world changes completely with the art teacher he met there.


  • Les Choristes


In France, there is a school called Fond de l’etang which provides education to problematic male students. The principal tries to ensure discipline by applying physical and mental violence. However, his methods cause more adverse reactions on problem students. One day a new teacher named Mathiue arrives. Having patiently approached the naughty attitudes of the children, Mathiue introduces them to music and a new system takes action at school.


  • Billy Elliot


Billy Elliot is an 11-year-old boy, but he is quite mature despite his age. Billy  who acts just like an adult in his decisions tells his family that he wants to quit boxing and do ballet. His family completely opposes this decision, but Billy is supported by other people with his determination.


  • Wonder


Auggie Pullman, who has permanent scarves on his face is a child who was educated by his family at home has little relationship with the outside, and wears a helmet on his head when he goes out. Auggie, who started a school named Beecher, is not accepted among his friends because of h appearance. But in time, he tells that he is no different from his friends and that appearance is a minor thing.


  • The First Grader


Kimani Maruge is 84 years old. He is a Kenyan fighter who had fought for his country for many years, began school in 2002, knowing that the Kenyan government had free primary school education.