1.Set a good example for your child!



Parents are the first example of everything for their children’s life. For this reason, parents should be attentive in their every actions also Telephone usage habit is one of them. The child, who takes the example of parents who spend long hours on the phone, shows the same behavior and you cannot prohibit this child from using the phone. What needs to be done is to reduce the time spent by the parents on the phone and to use the phone when needed.


 2.Have a grasp of technological developments!



Today’s children catch up with the speed of technology faster than their parents. It is important for parents to catch up with this speed, to follow and protect their children. If necessary, your child can install the applications he uses on your phone and closely monitor the dangers in the application.

3.Spend Quality Time with your child!



Parenst should spend at least 1 hour of family activity every evening. This type of activity may vary for your child’s age group. If your child is in the 0-6 age group, you can camp inside the house together, make cookies or organize drama with puppets. If your child is in the +6 age group, you can spend quality time with activities such as box intelligence games, name-city, silent cinema. Thus, the child who enjoys spending time with his family will not turn to technological devices.


4.No Television at home!



Television is one of the most distracting and numb screens. Because we can say that it is the sine qua non of every house, even in the room where the TV is. People even determine the position of the seats accordingly. As such, even if the television is not turned on, even being in the room explains the value given to it. Not having TV at home leads the child and parents to different habits, opens the way for communication between families and the child has unique ideas.


5.Describe the Benefits and Harms of Technology!



One of the ways to keep children away from technology is to explain the benefits and harms of technology. Answer the questions he has patiently asked and answer all his questions in a way that will not be unanswered. Let them know that you will allow it to be used in situations that you find useful, but that it should act, taking into account its harmful aspects.