1. Child as an Individual


Generally, parents try to raise their children according to their own wishes. But it should be known that every person has different physical and spiritual properties. If you accept your child as an individual who has his own wishes, and if you ask for his opinion in behavior towards him, you will make your child feel valuable.

2. No Dependency!


The correct commitment of the baby with the parents since the birth is a situation that greatly affects his life. But dependency is a completely different matter; Parents’ involvement in everything constitutes the child’s inability to move without them, which means lack of self-confidence.

3.  Don’t Put it in The Stereotypes !



Do not raise your children with your own patterns. Accept that it is a separate individual from you. For example, do not make your own desires on your child who does not have the ability to play music, just because I wanted it but I could not play the violin, let my child learn.

4. Don’t Promise that you can’t keep!

Children’s first role models are their parents. Throughout their lives, they learn almost everything from them. Confidence is one of them. A correct trust is created between the parents who have made their promises and the child. Parents who instill a sense of trust in their child, do not fool him, raise individuals with high self-confidence.

5.  Listen to your kids!

One of the biggest problem of recent times is the gradual gap between children and parents. Working parents should ask to their child as ‘What did you do today?’ in every day. Even if they will listen to the same thing every day, they should make the child feel that they should care about what the child say. Otherwise, even if the child is abused that may prefer being silent by saying how my father and mother will not listen to me.