15 Methods to Raise Positive Children

  1. Give your children the right of choice.
  2. Have your kids struggle with the problems on their own, and don’t solve the problems instead of your child.
  3. Nobody is faultless. Don’t expect your kids to be perfect, let them make mistakes.
  4. Develop your kids’ sense of empathy. Provide examples of others’ lives, put them in             their shoes and make them understand how they feel.
  5. When rewarding your children, first approach verbally and then behaviorally. For example, first of all well done by letting you do something you love or want, with congratulations and sentences like good.
  6. Do not use exaggerated words to explain your children’s positive behaviors to others, and make your child hear when you describe it.
  7. Give your children responsibilities both inside and outside the home.
  8. Always make your children feel unconditionally loved. If your children know that you will be with them no matter what, they are not afraid to make mistakes and become self-confident individuals.
  9. Be consistent to your children. Do not allow anything you do not approve later.
  10.  Always be open and clear to your children. In something you get angry with, let your children understand it by verbally, not to understand it from your facial expression.
  11. Create a safe environment for them.
  12. Get round to your children. Make an appointment to spend time with them. So they feel more valuable.
  13. Be patient and tolerant to your children. Otherwise, you can always raise an obsessive child who is afraid of mistakes.
  14. Do not make compliment sentences that your children do not deserve.
  15. Always set rules and limits.