Attention deficit in children is not an illness that occurs as a result of procedures such as blood tests, x-rays, etc. done in the hospital. Therefore, in order to understand whether your children have attention deficit, you must first observe them well and know the symptoms of attention deficit.


  • Losing or Forgetting


It is among the symptoms of attention deficit that your children constantly forget something at school, playgrounds or where you go to guesthouse.


  • Shiness in Stationary or Effortious Situations


For example, while doing his homework, a tiredness occurs in a short time, he wants to stand up and move.


  • Irregularity and Imperfection


They are irregular and do not pay attention to details. By doing homework, they can skip the letter or write the wrong letter.


  • Planlessness


They have trouble acting within a certain plan. For example, it is problematic for them to prepare bags for the next day of class.


  • Escapism


Children with attention deficits often tend to dream.


  • Clumsiness


Generally, they are clumsy as they are sloppy in their daily activities.


  • Problem in Listening


They look as if they are not listening because they have a problem with focusing on their opposite.


  • ┬áHyperactivity


Attention deficit is usually seen with hyperactivity.


  • Extreme Mobility


He is constantly on the move, providing his hand and foot. He talks a lot and doesn’t like calmness in his games.


  • Problems with Self Control


They can be impulsive. This is interpreted as being in a hurry, cutting a word while someone is speaking or saying it without thinking about it.