1. Picking up Toys : Toys are an important part of childhood and have indispensable places in children’s life. You should ask for your children to collect their own toys so you can make a good start in taking on their own responsibility at home. 
  2. Throwing their Dirty Laundry into the Basket : It is the way that seems simple, but makes it very conscious of responsibility. You help children to understand what their duties are inside the house. 
  3. Asking their Books to Line Up :  It is a habit that can be obtained at a young age. Thanks to this habit, the child begins to learn to take responsibility for his belongings. 
  4. Feeding Pets : It contributes to the formation of a sense of responsibility brought together by living together at home. 
  5. Watering Flowers : It is a habit that should be gained after 4-5 years of age. By valuing someone or something, there is an awareness that he should take responsibility. 
  6. Helping Prepare the Dining Table : It helps to be aware of the necessities of living at home. 
  7. Making the bed : It contributes to the child’s fulfilling his responsibilities in the future life and being regular. 
  8. Preparing the school bag : It helps the child who passes to school age to understand the responsibility consciousness out of the house. 
  9. Do the dusting : The division of labor in the home ensures that the child can exist as an individual and that he takes responsibility by saying that I live here. 
  10. Making a sandwich : The child’s being able to prepare his own food after a certain age contributes to the discovery of his favorite things and understanding his sense of responsibility in individual life.