1. When learning a new language, one of the first things is the alphabet of language. We can make a good start to our English adventure, which starts with learning the letters, by using the video below.



  1. The following video link is about the subject of animals and abilities (can). Thanks to the video, we learn some animals and what they can do. It is also an effort to be a memorized song.



  1. Almost every day, we are faced with the question of ‘how are you?’ The video below helps us to explain this question in English.



  1. One of the first things we learn is numbers. Learning numbers has never been this much fun.



  1.  Learning family members is also at the top of the list. The link below includes a fun and educational English song that children love.



  1. When we all were kids, we were dying to go to the zoo. When we went, we would listen to animals and examine them. Now there’s a fun video that takes kids to the zoo while watching.



  1. What is the weather like today? In the link below there is a video on how to express the weather in English.



  1. The subject of my body starts with the question of where is your nose? Lets Show me. Why shouldn’t we learn it in English?



  1. The easiest way to learn our 5 sense at the link below.



  1. We also should learn what we like to eat.